The Group Research

A collection of seminars given by group members around the world

15 April 2021. Izaak Neri, Dissipation bounds the moments of first-passage times of dissipative currents. Talk given at the Interdisciplinary Challenges in Nonequilibrium Physics conference.

1 April 2021. Reimer Kühn, Spectra of Large Random Stochastic Matrices and relaxation in complex systems. Talk given at the Workshop on Random Matrices and Random Systems.

24 July 2020. Yan Fyodorov, On eigenvector statistics in non-normal random matrices. Talk given at the CMI-HIMR Integrable Probability Online Summer School.

5 November 2019. Benjamin Doyon, Diffusion and superdiffusion from hydrodynamic projection. Talk given at the Thermalization, many body localization and hydrodynamics conference.

13 May 2019. Benjamin Doyon, Hydrodynamics of quantum and classical integrable systems, correlations and fluctuations. Talk given at the Emergent hydrodynamics in low dimensional quantum systems conference.

1 July 2014. Reimer Kühn, A Random Walk Perspective of Search and Network Exploration. Talk given at the Random matrix theory: Applications in the information era conference.

Gabriele Sicuro
Gabriele Sicuro
Lecturer in Disordered Systems