The Disordered Systems Group Journal Club

8 December 2021. Benjamin Walter (SISSA), Non-equilibrium dynamics of a colloid diffusing in a fluctuating field.

24 November 2021. Bertrand Lacroix A Chez Toine (KCL), Counting equilibria of complex dynamics.

10 November 2021. Stefano Sarao Mannelli (UCL), An Analytical Theory of Curriculum Learning in Teacher-Student Networks.

3 November 2021. Uzy Smilansky (Weizmann institute), Time-delay distribution on quantum graphs.

27 October 2021. Mohammed Osman (KCL), Scattering in chaotic cavities and the eigenvector overlaps of rank-one perturbations of the GOE/GUE.

23 June 2021. Andrea De Luca (University of Cergy-Pontoise), Spectral statistics in the thermodynamic limit of extended many-body quantum systems.

3 June 2021. Carmen Cabrera Arnau (UCL), Quantifying the impact of population size in urban areas.

3 June 2021. Berislav Buča (University of Oxford), Complex dynamics of non-stationary quantum many-body systems.

2 June 2021. Joseph Durnin (KCL), Free energy fluxes and the Kubo–Martin–Schwinger relation.

28 April 2021. Pierfrancesco Urbani (IPhT, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay).

14 April 2021. Fabian Aguirre Lopez (KCL), Imaginary replicas for random loopy graphs.

31 March 2021. Francesco Zamponi (ENS Paris), Mean field model of interacting quasi-localized excitations in glasses.

18 March 2021. Andrea Mambuca (KCL), New results on the stability of large antagonistic systems on complex networks: a random matrix approach.

8 March 2021. Alexander Mozeika (LIMS), Exact results on high-dimensional linear regression via statistical physics.

1 March 2021. Jose Moran (University of Oxford), Memory and herding in agent based models.

24 February 2021. Bruno Loureiro (EPFL), Exactly solvable models for high-dimensional machine learning problems.

17 February 2021. Nick Baskerville (University of Bristol), Random matrix theory and the loss surfaces of neural networks.

15 February 2021. Benjamin Doyon (KCL), Bounds on diffusion and superdiffusion from thermodynamics.

Giorgio Carugno
Giorgio Carugno
PhD Student