Disordered Systems Days at King's College London

A two-day workshop to celebrate Reimer Kühn.

The Facets of Statistical Field Theory

A conference on Statistical Field Theory, Statistical Physics and their interdisciplinary applications in Trieste, in honour of Sergio Caracciolo's 70th birthday, organise, amongst the others, by Gabriele Sicuro.

Random Matrices and Random Landscapes

A conference in Ascona on the mathematics of complex physical systems, with an emphasis on the interaction between mathematics and physics, to celebrate the 60th birthday of Yan Fyodorov.


The traditional Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics is organised this year by Silvia Bartolucci, Laura Foini, Gabriele Sicuro and Pierpaolo Vivo in Erice.

73rd British Mathematical Colloquium

The British Mathematical Colloquium will be hosted at King's College London, and will include a special session on complex systems with a list of prestigious guests including Andrea Montanari and Vittoria Colizza.